To: Friends of Montessori Development Center
From: Mary S. Sharer, Director
Date: April, 2016

We hope this letter finds you well. Springtime is the season for rebirth, renewal and growth. You, and many others, are the backbone of Montessori Development Center. Your support over time is one of our greatest strengths and reason why Montessori Development Center has continued to evolve and develop into the extraordinary establishment it is today.

In order to hire the best teachers and design innovative programs, we need your support. Your donations give us the resources we need to help today’s student reach their full potential.

Every gift we receive is much needed and deeply appreciated and will immediately be put to work making Montessori Development Center  better for each generation of students.
How will we use your gift? It will be used toward faculty development, extra programs to improve student life or where it is needed most.

When you support the Montessori Development Center Fund, everyone benefits. Join us today and make a difference for Montessori Development Center and for the compassionate future leaders that we are nurturing.

We would greatly appreciate your tax-deductible gift. There are several ways to give: a check made payable to “Montessori Development Center Fund” or by credit card or debit card payment.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mary S. Sharer, Director

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