Maria Montessori: A Visionary Leader in Education

It was over 100 years ago when Maria Montessori was first asked to head a small daycare center in Rome. The work that she did there would ultimately change the landscape of early childhood education for years to come. At Montessori Development Center, our method of pedagogy is based directly on Montessori’s research and practice.

Who was Maria Montessori?

From a young age, Maria Montessori challenged traditional norms in education. In 1890, she decided to pursue the study of medicine, an unusual choice for a woman in the 19th century. While she faced certain hardships from both students and teachers because of her gender, she ultimately earned a prize for her work in the medical program and went on to study pediatrics and psychiatry. These two fields would ultimately influence her work in education. After earning her doctorate from the University of Rome, she spent time working with children with mental disabilities and developing methods to help these special needs students reach their full potential.


How is the Montessori Method different?

In a Montessori establishment, the teacher acts as an observer and a guide. They provide materials that appeal to children’s interests while teaching important concepts and allow them to explore at their own pace. This hands-on approach to learning is developmentally appropriate for young children. Not only does it increase their intellectual capacity, but it also helps them fine-tune their gross motor skills.

Find out how the Montessori Development Center can help your child succeed and become a well-rounded individual. Come visit our Open House on the third Thursday of the month to see the Montessori Method in action.

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